In this 1 hour free video training we will cover 3 key behaviors that will help you break free from your bad habits, behaviors and addictions so that you can start to live a life on your terms.

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It’s Time to Take Control of Your Life

We live in an age where instant gratification and indulgence are at our fingertips each moment in our lives. This applies to alcohol, drugs, digital devices, social media, video games, TV, sex and much more.

Reports show that more than 15 million Americans struggle with an alcohol disorder, but less than 8% get help. Almost 21 million Americans have at least 1 addition and yet only 10% of them receive treatment.

The reality is that addiction doesn’t only affect those struggling. It puts stress on and potentially ends relationships, breaks apart families. For you personally, you’re dealing with low energy, sub-par performance at work, and declining health to name a few.

It can be painful, difficult, and hard to admit that we might need help. I know this because I’ve struggled with addiction myself. I’ll share more about my story in the training, but I’ve been in a VERY dark place. One that ended up with me in prison. It was through my struggle – my first-hand experience with addiction and death – that I discovered a way out. A path and a process to break free from my bad habits and create a life that I was in control of. A life I was proud of and allowed me to realize my full potential.

I’m now committed to giving back and helping others that are struggling to break free. I’ve taken the behaviors that saved me and organized them in this free training – 3 keys to overcoming addiction and living your best life.

We all want to be that person that makes our own choices instead of giving in to peer pressure.

That person that’s healthy, has energy, and is surrounded by healthy relationships. That person that’s thriving in their career and realizing their full potential. The reality is that if you’re struggling with addiction, it’s hard to break free and get on a path to be the person above. The person you know you can be. I’m here to tell you that the shift can start today though.

If you’d like to learn how to connect with your purpose, optimize your mindset, and generate energy to break free from your struggles, I’d love for you to join me on this free training.

3 Keys to Overcoming Addiction

In this free training, we’ll cover the following 3 keys behaviors that are foundational to turning your life around and breaking free from your bad habits.


Find your purpose and define your WHY. The role of living a purposeful life, digging deep into your WHY and moving towards that purpose each day.


Develop the right mindset to break free and seize control of your life and future. The importance of self-talk, mindset, and vision. Mindset is the #1 thing you have control of in your life and we’ll show you how to take control of it and your future.


Create and sustain a high level of energy. The process for creating and sustaining energy so you can push toward your vision and goals every day.

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What others are saying about Keir

Keir Weimer is an inspiring real life example of the ultimate comeback story. He learned how to change his life and this is your chance to allow him to help you change yours.

Rory Vaden New York Times bestselling author of Take the Stairs and, Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker

Keir's successes were built on a foundation of resilience and unwavering vision. Distilling his triumphs over adversity down to strategic bits of wisdom and easy-to-replicate behaviors sure to help readers achieve results.

Hilary Billings Former Miss Nevada, On-camera Host at Red Carpet Confidence

Keir’s insights are practical, valuable, and “real world” ready. Take 5 minutes to try one of the tips or strategies and see for yourself!

Jared Kleinert USA Today’s 'Most Connected Millennial'

The Choice is Yours

Now you may be saying that this all sounds good, but I don’t have time to watch this training. I’ve got things to do. Well if you don’t start, you’ll never have a chance to change. I’m asking you to invest 1 hour of your time to realize a lifetime of positive changes. Not only for you but for those around you as well.

Or, maybe you doubt that these 3 keys will actually help you break free from what you’re struggling with. Well, I’m here to tell you that they do work because they saved my life. They took a young guy destined for failure and produced what I am today – a very successful entrepreneur.

Look, I’m here to tell you that it’s not too late. It won’t be easy, but you can take the first step today to putting your life on a different path. A path that’s full of hope, happiness, fulfillment, and joy. I believe in you and want to help make that vision a reality. Take that first step by registering for this free training. I’ll see you on the inside.

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3 Keys to Overcoming Indulgence and Addiction to Live Free and Fully Every Day

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About Your Host & His Transformation

Keir’s success in life is the result of a life-changing event that forever altered his path when he was in college. He was responsible for an alcohol-related boating accident that unfortunately and tragically claimed the life of his friend. Weimer served three and a half years in New York State prison for his crime. Keir worked to break through the many walls he faced after this terrible tragedy, from the emotions and guilt surrounding the accident, to facing years in prison and learning how to live in a hostile environment, to being denied parole, to having to adjust to life once released, to being denied by all graduate schools and finally finding his calling as an entrepreneur and influential leader.

During his time incarcerated, Keir was able to grow and mature, finally come to terms with and take responsibility for his alcohol problem and addiction, and take full responsibility for causing the accident. He decided he would re-purpose his life to one of sobriety, contribution, impact, and redemption. Keir turned his motivation into success and transformed his life from prisoner and parolee to entrepreneur and business mogul in a matter of years. Within five years of release, he had built a successful career as a real estate and lifestyle entrepreneur, founding and growing multiple 7-figure businesses in luxury real estate brokerage, real estate investment and hospitality development, and ow a multimedia company.

Keir has been featured in major global media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes, Bloomberg, Entrepreneur Magazine, and several others. He is a sought-after and frequent inspirational speaker, and is a #1 Bestselling Author with his most recent book, Live Inspired! 5 Minute Intentions to energize your Life and Career. Keir is most excited and passionate now about helping others break-free from bad habits, indulgences, and addictions, to live their best life, free and fully every day. He is focused on doing this through his new book, training programs, events, and other ways in which he can help support others in their journey to living free.

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