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What if you could eliminate bad habits, behaviors and addictions of any kind that might be holding you back? What if you could create a life on your terms, and become the best version of yourself? What if you could do all of this without having to hit rock bottom, experience costly problems or consequences, or even go to an expensive and embarrassing treatment program? Well I’m here to tell you that you can, and show you how to do all of this and more.

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The Problem

As you probably know, the difficulty with bad habits, behaviors, and eventually addictions, is that they don’t often begin that way. We might have grown up drinking socially but as we went through high school and maybe college, and got out into the working world, that may have progressed from a few drinks a week or hear and there, on a couple of nights a week, to considerably more than that, more regularly. Sometimes the progression of this began to cause problems in our life, whether it be drug or alcohol use or abuse, or any other substance or unhealthy behavior or habit we have, such as excessive video games, porn, and even TV and social media.

When these bad habits and behaviors are not done in moderation, they can sometimes start to create significant problems and negative consequences in our lives, that can negatively affect our health, energy, relationships, finances, performance at work…the list goes on.

Sometimes the problems manifest in negative effects and strains on our relationship with our significant other, our kids, our friends, or co-workers. They can also manifest in our lives by starting to create negative health consequences, even take a toll on our physical appearance. These habits and behaviors are often the outward expressions of other underlying things that we may not have addressed, at the root of our identity, our beliefs, our values, all of which directly influence our behaviors and habits, whether they’re negative or positive.

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Keir Weimer is the Founder of the Live Free Lifestyle and Co-Founder of Inspired Recovery, LLC, which is an organization focused on helping inspire, train and equip people to break free from bad habits, indulgences and addictions to truly live free, and create a life on their terms.

Keir Weimer is also an internationally-recognized, luxury real estate and lifestyle entrepreneur, having founded and grown multiple 7-figure businesses as an expert in the areas of luxury brokerage, investment, development, and breaking-free from discouragement of all kinds to live a life of freedom. Keir has been featured in major global media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forbes, Bloomberg, Entrepreneur Magazine, and several other major global media outlets.

Keir and his insights have been featured in major global media

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The compound effect of good habits over time

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