The compound effect of good habits over time

I want to talk to you about the power of the compound effect of good habits over time and what they can do to support your health, your goals, and your growth as a person and a professional. So a lot of study and work on this subject matter.

The compound effect of good habits over time

A couple of great books have been written recently about the idea of forming and stacking good habits. Incremental small changes over time can create drastically large and significant results.

Darren Hardy: The Compound Effect

Which is again, is focusing on making small, incremental changes or adaptations to our life, whether it be routines that are positive and supportive in the area of health, wealth, nutrition, mindset, what have you. And compounding this over time to see drastic and significant results, a great book called the compound effect by Darren Hardy. Another good one that’s recently come out that I really like is a book by an author named James Clear, which is called atomic habits. This is a great book, and it really focuses on the idea of habit stacking, which is linking good habits together to create a sequence or a chain of good habits that you can build into an actual routine that you undertake daily, weekly, monthly.

So the benefits of doing this are myriad, right? You know, there’s so many different benefits from implementing good and supportive habits and really trying to work on taking away and, you know, substituting and replacing the bad habits with these good ones.

Some of the habits I can share that I have adapted into my schedule and routine that have really produced great results for me in my life are the habits of regular exercise. I run four to five times a week and work out in the gym with my trainer. Good nutrition. I’ve been a pescatarian now for almost three years. This has helped me develop more energy, be more intentional about what I put into my body, have more care for the things that I’m using to generate energy long term, and make sure that those are healthy things that I’m, you know, adjusting and putting into my body.

Other positive habits would be around personal finance. For instance, that for me has been a game changer. By bringing on an accountant and almost like a personal CFO and implementing a system called the curve system where I’m every month transferring and funding, certain buckets, health bucket, wealth, education, travel, savings, profit, all these different things that are important to me that will allow me to make sure the priorities in my life are properly and adequately funded.

So the compound effect of good habits of stacking good habits, sequencing good habits over time in whatever area of your life it is, whether it be spiritually, my fitness, your nutrition, your relationships, what good habits you have, but staying in touch, following up, supporting and remembering important things with your friends and family, right around personal finance, around your hobbies, and just time off.

Creating Balance

What are some of those habits? Do you spend time and create space in your life to go hike a mountain? It doesn’t really matter the activity it matters the space and the intention behind making room for that in your life.

So hopefully get some value from this. If you did, please drop me a comment below, like this, share it with somebody that could benefit from it. So thank you again. Hopefully you had a great holiday weekend again to your success, your happiness in your freedom. I’ll talk to you next time.