Shift Your Mindset, Change Your Life

I just took off on vacation in Turks and Caicos. I am down here for a week, respite, a little bit of recharging rejuvenation and really celebrating, you know, all that we’ve been able to do here and accomplish in the last few months during a challenging time.

So this week’s topic, and what I want to talk to you about is how, when we shift our mindset, we can truly change our life. And I’m a big believer in this, you know, mindset is such a powerful, powerful concept and force and, you know, control that we have over really directing and dictating how we want our life to go. Firm believer in this idea of creating a lifestyle by design. And it kind of embraces, like I talked about last week, a lot of the ancient philosophy of existentialism, which is really this idea that, you know, it’s all about self determination.

And it kind of embraces, like I talked about last week, a lot of the ancient philosophy of existentialism, which is really this idea that, you know, it’s all about self determination.

We have personal Liberty in the choices we make, as it relates to how we live, how we interact with other people, the choices we make around our career, and all the things that really go into our lifestyle and our life.

So, you know, mindset is something that can be both very powerful and it can also be very debilitating or destructive if we don’t know how to harness its power and really make it work for us.

So a couple of tips here on things that I’ve done in my life to really embrace a positive growth oriented mindset. That’s helped me achieve things. That’s helped me break through adversity and challenges. That’s helped me beat addiction, breaking through bad habits and addiction to alcohol, into that lifestyle. I want to share some of those with you, and hopefully you can get some value from them.

You can try them. There’s something that’s, you know, in the way from you achieving your goals, that’s, you know, frustrating your progress. That’s helping you, not that’s not helping you rather than serving you anymore. You know, whether it be drinking too much or, you know, using some substance or watching too much TV or even eating too many potato chips. Whatever it is, if it’s a bad habit of behavior and indulgence or an addiction of any kind, we have the power. You have the power to change your behavior around that today, starting right now.

Here’s a couple of tips on how we can do that.

Accept where we are today

Realize that, hey, maybe we’re not where we want to be, but that’s okay. The fact that we’re thinking about it, that we are becoming self aware and that we’re consciously choosing to change to do something about it is a large, large part of this.

It’s a huge first step acknowledgement and acceptance of where we are today. The second is deciding that, Hey, maybe we want to live differently. Maybe we’re better than this. Maybe there’s more to life. Maybe we can be more healthy and fulfilled and happy and successful if we change this one thing. But if we address that elephant in the room, if you will. So that’s a really big one too, is acknowledging what life could be without that. So a little bit of envisioning around that, you know, trying to picture how you would really be living. If this thing, this behavior, this go to, were no longer there, how would your relationships be affected positively? How would you be performing at work? Would you be in better health? Would your finances be better? Would you spend more time with the people that really mean the most to you in life?

Would you show up more in those interactions, both at work and in life and in the family, would you be doing more of the things you love to do? Hobbies, sports activities, ask yourself these questions because that’s really important to start to lay a picture of what could be right, what it could be without it.

And the next tip is really realizing that, Hey, all we gotta do is stitch together a few days and weeks that become months and years, and it doesn’t have to be this end all be all abstinence abstinence at once, you know, quitting this cold Turkey, we can just try to do a, let’s say a no drinking week. See how we feel, you know, um, one week without television, one week without eating junk food or takeout. It’s all it takes because I can assure you that after that little hiatus, that sabbatical, that time off from this behavior, this habit, whatever you want to call it, you will notice significant changes and increases in your energy, your focus, your wellbeing, and your happiness.

So I’m also willing to bet that if you’re like me and you like to see personal growth, you know, gains and strides, you want to continue that you’ll not want to just go back to the way you were living, because the idea of doing the same thing over and over produces the same results is that definition of insanity that we often hear, right?

So we don’t want that. We want to change. We want to grow. We want to elevate and find new ways to live life more fully and to live life in a better, more meaningful and healthy way. So those are a couple of quick tips. Again, shift your mindset, shift your life. We have the power at any point in time to change our physical state, our thoughts, the self-talk narratives that surround it. And our mindset about how we’re going to tackle the big things in life. The big problems that might be holding us back from really achieving that life that we want, that we know we’re capable of, and that we deserve. That could be any kind of bad habit or behavior or addiction.

So hopefully you get some value from this. If you did, please share this comment, like a bullshit with somebody that could really benefit from hearing this message. I just wanted to come to you quickly here from Turks and Caicos. Again, take some time, recharge, rejuvenate, reset, and protect that time with the people you care about. Make sure you schedule vacations. Make sure you’re not burning yourself out because that’s going to be really critical to maintaining and sustaining a positive growth mindset. Thanks so much to your success. Freedom and happiness. We’ll talk to you soon.