What does freedom mean to you?

What does true freedom mean to you? Does it mean freedom of thought and behavior? Freedom from bad habits and addictions? Does it mean free and able to live life as you choose?

So today I want to talk about what true freedom means to you. And people define freedom differently, and there’s different parts of our life that, you know, this can relate to. So I want to talk a little bit about what freedom means to me and why I really hold freedom as my number one value, the thing I will protect above all else in my life.

And it’s for several different reasons. So how I define freedom is this.

True freedom to me is the ability to do, think, behave, act, live, free and clear from outside compulsions, influences, negative effects or pressures, meaning a true life on our terms.

And you know, that can be applied to so many different areas, right? From our finances, living a financially free life where we’re not pressured by the demands of just meeting the next bill, living paycheck to paycheck, but expanding our financial resources and means to expand our freedom and to create more choice, less pressure, and allow more time in our life to be creative.

I also look at freedom as this, the ability to live freely, the ability to live intentionally and in a healthy way, and choose a lifestyle that can support my health goals and habits, and also my ambition and my life goals and what I want to achieve in life. By that I mean we can set down the spectrum of bad habits, behaviors, and addictions, with partaking in behavior that is not problematic. It’s simply social, such as drinking in college. Then maybe after college, it starts to be a little bit more progressive in nature. Meaning we go out maybe three nights a week, we drink two or three more beers. And all of a sudden it starts to create problems in our life. Maybe problems at work, not showing up or performing properly or to our capability. Maybe it starts to have an effect on our relationship with our spouse or a girlfriend or significant other with our kids.

Maybe it starts to have a financial impact. It starts to drain our resources, maybe we get in trouble with the law, get a ticket or something worse. And it starts to really create problems in our life. The way in which I define an addiction behavior is something that starts out socially fine and totally benign, but it starts over time to progress to a point where external problems and things are starting to arise and manifest in our life. That’s when I know that that needs to change. That’s how I define when something becomes problematic or an addiction, right?

True freedom for me means to live free, mind, body, spirit, and soul.

To do an act and live as I choose to not be compelled, to use a certain substance, to partake in a certain behavior to feel the pressures to do something other than what I like to do is my own free will.

I also symbolize and hold water as a symbol and source of inspiration. That represents freedom for me as well, being out in the open water, being able to kind of sail and roam and travel freely is something that I value and hold really, really close to me. So again, true freedom for me means all of those things.

And more obviously that’s going to be defined in several different ways, in several different categories of life. It could be in financial, relationships, or spiritually. It can relate to your use of different substances, alcohol, drugs, social media, etc. But true freedom for me is again, free and mind, body, spirit, and soul to act and live and travel and think freely as I choose to. The idea of freewill manifested in all areas of my life.

So the things that I really focus on in life are doing things that expand my freedom that enhance it, that doesn’t limit it and reduce it. Because those things I want to remove from my life. And I want to introduce more things that expand and enhance it. So I’m excited to hear about what true freedom means to you. What does it mean to you? How do you define it? Is it an important value? What do you do to protect it?

Leave me a comment below, share this with anybody who could benefit from them from this message who needs to hear this, who needs to understand what freedom can do for us. If we protect it, we expand it. And we enhance it by being deliberate in the choices we make surrounding our lifestyle, the things we put into our life, the thoughts, people, ideas, and concepts can have a dramatic effect, how free we truly are, and how free we live our life. So that’s the value of freedom to me.

That’s what it really means to be truly free. So shoot me a message here. Drop me a comment, share this with somebody who needs to hear this message. To your freedom, happiness, and your success, my name is Keir Weimer founder here at the Live Free Lifestyle. We’ll talk to you soon.